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Accessorize Tips for a Red Dress

No matter what the occasion is, every woman desires to look her best. A red-colored dress is fabulous, breathtaking, feminine, and oh-so fierce. Matching accessories with it requires careful deliberation. But we’re not going to leave you without a few helpful tips. Mentioned below are some occasions where a red dress can be worn, along with the accessories that are just right.

Accessories You Can’t Go Wrong With
No one can get the basics correct at the first go. There are always ‘trial and error’ moments where you develop a sense of what needs to be done while adding accessories to any outfit. But you don’t have to worry about finding the right ones for your red dress. Just take the tips mentioned here and you’ll be good to go.


Even though the combination of black and red is an obvious choice, it does have its own personality. With gorgeous, high-heeled black shoes and a black clutch, all you require is a killer pair of earrings and an attitude that says ‘I know I look hot.’


The color gold is the theme that adds drama to the deep red dress. Include a gold clutch (if you’re not into black that much) to complete the outfit.


Believe it or not, the combination of white and red is simple, yet elegant. With pearl accessories and a white flower clutch by your side, you will make heads turn all night.


For a formal wedding celebration, why not go slightly overboard with your outfit. Pair a to-die-for long red gown with red and gold accessories. Add a golden clutch, and you’re all set!


Saving the best for the last, pair silver accessories with your gorgeous red dress. Keep it clean … keep it fun; your date is going to be mesmerized from the moment he lays his eyes on you.

If you pay attention to the minutest details, you’ll see how simple it is to put an outfit together for any occasion. Of course, you need to be sure about what dresses, colors, and accessories work best for you. Be the better judge, and don’t be afraid to turn up the heat once in a while.

Tips to Discover Cheap Prom Dresses

Finding elegant affordable prom dresses is a difficult task without any effective guides. The word “cheap” will remind you of the image “not fancy, not elegant, not trendy”. However, by following the steps below, you are able to cut the costs on your dreamed dresses, and take the money you save on a nice gown to put it towards the perfect pair of shoes, bag, jewelry.

The following guides on purchasing cheap prom gowns include popular sites for cheap dresses, the real stores in your local area and second-hand stores.

The first resource for affordable clothes, from your convenient perfect, is to visit your local sites on a regular basis. You will find that some local stores will always sell them previous years’ dresses on sale. The desired dresses on sale are always in urgent requirements, so visiting them regularly will ensure you to get the first-hand information.

Online websites are regarded as the most convenient method for purchasing elegant and cheap dress for prom. You can see a lot of websites offering the latest styles, the old styles on a screen, and can search your desired dresses with home comfort. It is also the most efficient, the most time-saving, and the most comfortable shopping method. Online popular online stores offer discount prom outfits in fashionable styles at 50-100 dollars.

Shops for clearance sales or special discounts are also good resources for your targeted products. You would be amazed how many beautiful cheap prom dresses can be found when you hit a local shop at the right time.

If your shop ahead, you would be able to find better deals.

Another practical way to find cheap prom gowns is to see if your school takes part in selling send-hand gowns. This has become a very popular way for cheap dresses, since many students want to exchange their used prom gowns into money to release their pressure on buying such expensive dress.
This activity is also promoted by school leaders, because they want their students to experience fashionable taste, and at the same time teach them how to exchange your used stuff into something that is more useful and practical.

The last but not the least way is to search second-hand stores. The send-hand stores collected dress from school girls, and then does a little change to the used products according to the current year’s fashion trends. This enables you to save money and at the same time get your desired dress that is in trendy and fashion.


Ways to find the perfect skirt

Is there any other piece of clothes as feminine as a skirt? Well, a dress can be the competition, but they´re basically from the same base so we’ll say no. From the beginning of times, the skirt has represented women, vanity, and flirting. It’s a piece that has even been objects of criticism because when it first started to make shorter became the symbol of women’s independence all over the world. Remember the 60’s and the miniskirt?

The problem with skirts is that, as it happens with jeans, we don’t always know which one is the best for us. We love them all, but not all of them fit as they should. But the good news is that, as it happens with those jeans we love, you just have to dig a little dipper to find out which skirt type is the perfect one for you. As you might have implied by now, it all comes from knowing your body shape really well and learn how to work with it: which silhouette is better, which longs, patterns… everything adds value to your style and will not only make you the chicest, but the one who feels more comfortable in her own skin… and clothes.

Here’s a little advice that will always work when you’re wearing a skirt… and is how the long of the skirt, the occasion, and your age are related. Yes, I said age, because there’s nothing less chic than an older woman trying to look like she’s on her 20’s… Like my grandmother used to say: “when age number goes up, the hem of the skirt needs to do down”. As for the occasion or the dress code, once again the advice goes for avoiding too short skirt on corporative or formal environments. It is not comfortable nor practical. There’s nothing more annoying than pulling down the skirt every five minutes.

Aside from that ‘golden rule’, here are some tips that can be useful to find the perfect skirt for you or your body type:

Pencil skirt

Let’s start with the tricky ones, which can work on almost every body type out there if we use it carefully. The key to an awesome pencil skirt is the fit. Let’s give the cotton stretch ones to the thinner girls and look for a better fabric, with more structure and a solid color, if you’re curvy. These skirts are excellent for the office in every color, just keep in mind that the more fitted, the more ‘revealing’, so you have to make sure your underwear is appropriate. Tip: wear spandex shorts, they’re the best support system.


Also a favorite, especially because of their ‘boho-chic’ vibe for the weekend. However, it can be an alternative for office days as well, if you know how to use it. If you’re a short girl, go for one that fits you on the waist and pair it with heels to add a few inches. Choose a light fabric for the weekends and something more sophisticated for weekdays, maybe the office. Important: it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, a maxi skirt was not made for you to let your feet show. Never.
Add some volume
Those girls with a square or rectangular figure have a great secret in two different types of skirts: globe and ‘A’ line. The first ones are not so popular these days, but the second ones are one of the biggest trends right now. Whether they’re ‘midi’ or a little bit shorter, they help create that optical balance between the top and the bottom part of your body. If you think you need extra volume, try a printed skirt, you won’t regret it.

An elegant length

We’ve been hearing the word midi for a while now, but in case you haven’t, it means a length that goes right below the knee and it has become a big trend that has been in our closet for a few seasons now. This length can be both casual and elegant and looks awesome on every body type. My favorite is the A-line skirt. If you have one you have a treasure. If not, find one and try to get it in a very nice fabric. This season’s hottest item? The pleated A-skirt in metallic colors.

Ways to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks used to be reserved for men of noble descent. Later, they became the trademark accessory for high-ranking officials, uber-rich businessmen, and the likes. However, times have changed since then, and so have the patrons of this accessory. Today, cufflinks can be worn by anyone, irrespective of his age or occupation. They have become a must-have jewelry item in men’s formal clothing. Studs and cufflinks are an epitome of men’s fashion these days. So, in case you wish to flaunt them on your wrists, make sure you know the proper way. Few things are more off-putting than a failed attempt at sophistication.

Guide to Wearing Cufflinks

Before you think of the accessories, you should have shirts that go well with them. One of the most essential requirements for wearing cufflinks is a shirt with French or double cuffs. Simply put, these are shirts that have no buttons on the cuffs. If you also intend to wear studs, you will have to get a formal dress shirt without buttons on the wrists.

  • Fold back the cuffs so that they lie flat and even at the end of the sleeves.
  • Bring the two ends of the cuffs together, so that the holes coincide with each other.
  • Now insert the cufflink through the two holes.
  • The two cuffs should lie side by side, touching each other. This is a bit different from the buttonhole arrangement that you have on regular shirts, wherein the button goes inside the hole, and one cuff overlaps the other.
  • Fasten the cufflink according to its attachment, and repeat the procedure for the other hand.
  • Depending upon the fastening attachment, cufflinks are classified as bullet back closure, whale back closure, fixed backing, chain link, reversible, and ball return.
  • Some of them have a finished surface on only one side.

When to Wear

You can wear cufflinks whenever you wish, as long as you have an appropriate shirt. However, they are generally not recommended for daily use. Weddings, parties, and similar occasions highlight their beauty. Although you can also wear them for funerals, you need to be careful with their look; you must not wear ones that are too flamboyant, and choose ones that go with the sombre atmosphere. Some people even wear them to pubs and dance parties. In that case, make sure they are securely in place, so that you don’t lose it while showing off your dance moves. Earlier, it was believed that cufflinks were reserved only for older men. However, these days, even young men in their twenties going out for a routine night out flaunt this jewelry with elan.

How to Choose

While picking cufflinks, you need to take into account the tone of the occasion and your overall attire. It is a norm to match them with your belt, watch, and tie. Although it is very difficult to find perfectly matching cufflinks, you should at least match the metal and pattern with your belt buckle.

They are available in many materials, designs and styles. Plain gold or silver cufflinks are ideal for grim occasions like funeral. Wooden or seashell cufflinks with colorful and bold designs are great for festivals and parties. Choose the fastening attachment according to your convenience and preference for finish.

Cufflinks take a bit of getting used to, but they can sure add an element of bling to men’s clothing. A great pair can indeed make you stand apart from the crowd.