Getting My Wife a New Swimsuit

I wanted to get my wife something nice for her birthday. I usually take her out for a nice meal at one of her favorite restaurants, and I always have flowers delivered to her as well. This year though, I wanted to do something she was not expecting. I decided that I was going to gift her with a cruise. The two of us had always talked about going on one, but we never got past the discussion stage of it. I decided I would tell her by looking at resort wear and picking out the perfect swimsuit for her.

I know a lot of men would not dream of buying a swimsuit for their wives, but my sweetheart actually does not mind. She trusts me to pick out a lot of things for her, and she says that my taste is actually better than hers at times. I did a search for resort swimwear, and that is how I found the site that I ended up getting her new bikini from. Her favorite color is black, and this swimwear company had a lot of really nice black bikinis. They also have some nice cover ups too, and I ended up getting her one of those as well.

When it got delivered, I had my secretary wrap it for me because I am awful at that. There are a lot of jokes in there, I’m sure! However, everyone who knows me knows that I only have eyes for my wife. When I gave her the box on her birthday, she was really surprised to see a bikini in it. When she lifted it out along with the cover up, she saw her main gift, which were the cruise tickets. She actually likes all three gifts a lot, and she told me that I surprised her once again. That made me happy!